Improving the health and wellness of the communities we serve


There are three boards under the District’s banner, each serving a vital role in leadership and the fulfillment of their mission.

MORONGO BASIN HEALTHCARE DISTRICT board has five members elected by voters living within the District’s geographic boundaries. Their focus is directed to the business of the healthcare District.

MORONGO BASIN HEALTHCARE DISTRICT FOUNDATION board is comprised of the District Board of Directors. As the non-profit philanthropic arm of the healthcare District, the focus is supporting the District’s initiatives through grants and select fund raising events.

COMMUNITY HEALTH CLINICS has a board comprised of 6-15 members with 51% of their membership being patients of the clinics and 49% being community leaders. Their focus is directed to the business of the Morongo Basin Community Health Center.


  • Current term of office expires December, 2022
  • Initial term began January, 2015
  • Currently serving as President of the Board

Director Doyle has been a Registered Nurse for 40 years with both clinical and leadership experience. She served our local hospital as its Director of Nursing from 2005 through 2012, always with a focus on excellence in patient care. After leaving that position, she returned to serve our community as a board member of the Morongo Basin Healthcare District during a period of crisis and near bankruptcy, successfully navigating the transition to saving our hospital and our jobs.

She remains dedicated to the health of our community and is voice for our people.

In an effort be both transparent and accessible, she provides her personal phone number to her consituents. :760-799-3113.