Feeding Morongo Basin


President of the Board of Directors, Marge Doyle, made the following statement during the June 4, 2020 regular business meeting.

COVID-19 is an extremely contagious viral droplet borne disease that is new to our planet. What that means is that no human was born with immunity to this virus nor were they able to acquire immunity through breastfeeding. Droplet transmission is an airborne transmission that extends at least six-feet from its source. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has issued guidelines to reduce the risk of transmission. These include good hand washing, social distancing and the use of masks to prevent infection.

In mid-March the State of California was put on a stay-at-home order to prevent transmission and bend the curve of the infection rate. The governor also relaxed the Brown Act compliance for public meetings and allowed the use of virtual meetings for the same. Our April regular business meeting and a special meeting were held online. Some of the board members were not comfortable with that process. As a result of that perspective, the special meeting of May 21 was scheduled as an in-person meeting with CDC guidelines applied.

At that in-person meeting one board member exercised his right to not wear a mask. Subsequently, board members, staff and community members expressed to me their fears and concerns about their personal vulnerability to contracting COVID-19. As a registered nurse, board member and president of the healthcare District board, I have a duty to promote health and protect the board, staff and community from contracting a potentially deadly virus.

In order to accommodate individual liberties as well as infection control practices, meetings of the District Board of Directors will be held on line until further notice..