Prenatal Program



The Morongo Basin Community Health Center Prenatal Program offers enhanced educational opportunities for mother-to-be by providing mom and baby with a healthy start in life. Educational services incude prenatal and newborn health education, nutritional care for mother and baby, as well as social and emotional support.

Pregnancy changes a woman's body and lifestyle in many ways. Our Prenatal Program provides support and resources for the many changes that occur during pregnancy. We provide services that are individualized and culturally sensitive with respect to each client's beliefs, values and traditions. Our program participants receive one-to-one instruction. Small group classes will be provided throughout the prenatal period and after childbith.

  • PRENATAL EDUCATION: prenatal education and lifestyle changes are an essential part of having a healthy baby. Classes include what to expect during each trimester of pregnance; fetal growth and development; exercise and sleep; methods to handle pegnancy discomforts; and the effects of smoking, alcohol and drug use during pregnancy.
  • LABOR AND DELIVERY: delivering a newborn can be an exciting time for the mother-to-be and family. Classes include preterm labor warning signs; signs of active labor / when to go to the hospital; labor coaching methods; delivery methods; types of anesthesia and skin-to-skin mother, father or family member-baby contact at delivery.
  • NEWBORN CARE: Our program helps new parents transition into caring for their newborn. Topics include breasfeeding; bottle feeding; sleep patterns and awake states; bathing and diapering; infant car seat safety.
  • NEW MOTHER CARE: A new mother's body and emotions will go through many chages following the birth of a newborn. Our program helps manage those changes.
  • EARLY PARENTING AND CHILD DEVELOPMENT: The early years of the child's development are critical to the child's success in the future. From home safety to trusting relationships to developmental milestones, our program teaches necessary steps for parenting.
  • FAMILY CARE: Families can have a challenging time adjusting to bringing baby home. There are changes in personal time, family roles, and care for a newborn. We encourage the father and families to participate in any part of our program sessions.
  • This program is offered to Medi-Cal beneficiaries only.


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