District, Foundation and Community Health Center Boards

There are three boards under the District’s banner, each serving a vital role in leadership and the fulfillment of their mission. The Hi-Desert Memorial Health Care District Foundation Board of Directors is comprised of the same board members as the District Board.

The Morongo Basin Healthcare District Board has five members elected by voters living within the District’s geographic boundaries. Their focus is directed to the business of the healthcare District. The Board convenes for general business on the first Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m. Meetings may be physical site meetings or by virtual platform. The agenda will advise which formats are available.

Patricia “Pat” Cooper

  • Current term of office expires December 2024
  • Initial term began January 2023
  • Currently serving as Secretary
  • Ethics Training Certificate
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Certificate

Bio forthcoming.

Misty Evans Sharma

Director Evans is a registered nurse having graduated from Copper Mountain College with her Certified Nursing Assistant Certificate, Associates Degree in Vocational Nursing, and Associates Degree in Registered nursing. Her passion has always been advocacy and ethics in healthcare. In her career, she has worked in several departments of Hi-Desert Medical Center and is currently working as a Registered Nurse Care Manager for Summit Institute’s Health Homes Program, which provides care management and primary care services to a chronically ill and low-socioeconomic population. She believes healthcare is a human right and continues to actively seek ways to ensure this right for all.

Dianne Markle-Greenhouse

Dianne is a lifelong community advocate, and believes serving on the Morongo Basin Healthcare District Board of Directors has been a productive avenue to making a difference in the Morongo Basin. With a strategic plan and the Community Health Needs Assessment as guideposts, the District continues to make healthcare accessible for its constituents. Dianne is proud and pleased to serve her community in such an important mission.

Debra Savitt

Debra Savitt is a retired Doctor of Chiropractic medicine with 39 years of practice experience. She has worked for hospice (end-of-life care) for the past 13 years. She advocates for holistic healthcare to patients who are in hospice. Additionally, she was Director of Spiritual Counselors, Volunteer Coordinator and Bereavement Coordinator for hospice in the Palm Spring area. She volunteered for Coachella Valley Volunteers in Medicine in which she set up her chiropractic table to treat the homeless population, working in concert with medical doctors, dentists, social workers, nurses and a psychologist to provide excellent care to those in need.

Heidi Stiemsma

Director Stiemsma was appointed to the seat vacated by Greg Brown and will complete the remaining term of office through December 2024. A nurse at Hi-Desert Medical Center, Heidi has a background in information technology and works in clinical informatics. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Master of Science in Nursing Education from Walden University in Minneapolis. Her nursing background includes patient care, quality improvement and clinical software management. “My experience at Hi-Desert Medical Center has opened my eyes to the complex health needs of our Basin, and I would like to become more involved in advocating for wellness in our population.”

Board Member Election Process

The Board of Directors for the Morongo Basin Healthcare District is comprised of five elected representatives who must be registered voters residing within the District’s geographic boundaries.

Election for District board members is conducted by the County of San Bernardino Elections Office of the Registrar of Voters. Election of District board members is typically held in conjunction with a November general election. The four-year terms of office are staggered so that either two or three board members are elected every two years.

A “Notice of Election” is posted as directed by the Elections Office so the public has the opportunity to file for candidacy and have their name placed on the November ballot. The timeframe for declaration of candidacy is determined by the Elections Office; the candidacy filing window for this election is July 13 through August 7. The Registrar of Voters has announced it will offer contact-free services to candidates with a new My Candidacy Gateway web application and video conference appointments. Access filing documents electronically at www.sbcountyelections.com.
Candidates may complete the filing process or seek assistance with the filing process by making an appointment with the Registrar’s office. Call 909-387-8300.

Mid-term vacancies are filled by election or appointment by the Board of Directors.

Morongo Basin Community Health Center Board of Directors

The Community Health Center Governing Board is comprised of 9 to 25 members with 51% of the membership being patients of the clinics and 49% being community leaders. The focus of the board is directed to the business of the Morongo Basin Community Health Center. The Governing Board meets on the second Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m. The public may physically attend the board meetings as noted on the meeting agenda, or by remote access. Click on the electronic link provided below to join the board meeting by remote access.

Current volunteer board members are: Cody Briggs, Pat Cooper, Bryan Goldfarb, Nicola Keller, Alejandro Penalva, Cecelia St. Clair, Heidi Stiemsma, Jackie Todd & Jack Williams

Upcoming Board Meetings

Meeting agendas of the District Board of Directors and the CHC Governing Board are posted to this site at least 72 hours in advance of each meeting and minutes are posted after approval. Special meetings require only a 24-hour window to post.

Upon email request, community members will be included in the posting of the Board’s regular and special meetings. Please make a request to kgraley@MBHDistrict.org to receive an email containing the agenda(s) and an electronic link to join the meetings online.

Meetings and Minutes

The public can talk about anything within the jurisdiction of the Morongo Basin Healthcare District; however, the Board of Directors generally cannot act on or discuss an item not on the agenda. The Brown Act does allow members of the legislative body, or its staff, to “briefly respond” to comments or questions from members of the public, provide a reference to staff or other resources for factual information, or direct staff to place the issue on a future agenda.

All Board of Directors meeting agendas are posted to this site at least 72 hours in advance of each meeting and minutes are posted after approval. Special meetings require only a 24-hour window to post.

The public comment portion of this agenda provides an opportunity for the public to address the Board of Directors on items not listed on the agenda that are of interest to the public at large and are within the subject matter jurisdiction of this Board. The Board of Directors is prohibited by law from taking action on matters discussed that are not on the agenda, and no adverse conclusions should be drawn if the Board does not respond to public comments at this time.

Board of Directors 2023

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Upon email request,  community members will be included in the posting of the Board’s regular and special meetings. Please make a request to kgraley@MBHDistrict.org to receive an email containing the agenda(s) and an electronic link to join the meetings online.