District Mission

Mission: To improve the health and wellness of the communities we serve. Vision: A Healthy Morongo Basin Core Values: Commitment, Collaboration, Accountability, Dignity, Integrity, and Equity.

Map of Boundaries

About Special Districts

What is a Special District?

Morongo Basin Healthcare District is a Special District. Special Districts are a form of local government created by a local community to meet a specific need. Inadequate tax bases and competing demands for existing taxes make it hard for cities and counties to provide all the services their citizen’s desire. When residents or landowners want new services or higher levels of existing services, they can form a district to pay for and administer them.

To learn more about the California Special Districts Association, visit https://www.districtsmakethedifference.org/ or http://www.csda.net/ Association of California Healthcare Districts

Healthcare Districts are a type of Special District and public entities that provide community-based health care services to residents throughout the state. They respond to the needs in their District by providing a range of services, which may include a hospital, clinic, skilled nursing facility or emergency medical services, as well as education and wellness programs. Each of California’s Healthcare Districts is governed by a locally elected Board of Trustees who are directly accountable to the communities they serve.

To learn more about the Association of California Healthcare Districts visit www.achd.org.

The Foundation

The Hi-Desert Memorial Health Care District Foundation supports the District’s mission to improve the health and wellness of the communities of the Morongo Basin. In fulfilling that mission, the Foundation seeks to improve access to healthcare for Morongo Basin residents and has identified several opportunities to partner with government agencies, service organizations and individual citizens.

The Foundation is led by the District’s Board of Directors and provides financial reports with transparency in fiscal responsibility.

By giving to the Foundation and its goal of improving health and wellness in Morongo Basin communities – whether by participating with us on projects of interest or by making a donation to the Foundation – you can help make a difference in the wellbeing of those in Morongo Basin communities.

The Morongo Basin Healthcare District Foundation Board is comprised of the District’s Board of Directors. The Hi-Desert Memorial Health Care District Foundation is an IRS designated 501(c) 3 charity and as such donations to the Foundation are tax deductible; Tax I.D. 45-2777252.

To make a donation in to the Foundation, make the check payable to Hi-Desert Memorial Health Care District Foundation, and mail to:

Morongo Basin Healthcare District, 6530 La Contenta Road, Suite 100, Yucca Valley CA 92284.

For more information about the Foundation or to make a donation please contact Joe Ruddon at 760.820.9218 or email him at jruddon@MBHDistrict.org.